[Apply to the Lab2Market Validate Atlantic Fall 2024 program!](https://dalinnovates.ca/programs/explore/lab2market-validate/)
[Apply to the Lab2Market Validate Atlantic Fall 2024 program!](https://dalinnovates.ca/programs/explore/lab2market-validate/)
[Register for Lab2Market Validate Info Session on April 25 or May 9, 2024](https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/lab2market-validate-info-session-tickets-868466696267?aff=oddtdtcreator)
[Register for Lab2Market Validate Info Session on April 25 or May 9, 2024](https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/lab2market-validate-info-session-tickets-868466696267?aff=oddtdtcreator)

18 New Atlantic Canadian Research Teams Dive into Research Commercialization with Lab2Market Validate Program

Dalhousie University will welcome 18 research teams from across Atlantic Canada to its fall 2023 Lab2Market Validate program. Lab2Market is a pioneering national initiative that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada’s academic community. The teams comprised of students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members focused on science and technological innovation will explore the commercial potential of their research-driven ideas by conducting interviews with potential customers to validate the market need.

Since its inception in 2020, 330 teams from across Canada have participated in the Lab2Market Validate program, raising over $10.7 million in funding. This includes more than 100 students who have gone through Dalhousie’s offering of the program.

Dr. Alice Aiken, Dalhousie’s vice president of research and innovation, whose leadership includes the Dal Innovates ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation programs, will participate as a Technical Lead in this cohort of Lab2Market Validate, working with PhD student Lynette Peters. This is the second time Dr. Aiken has taken on this role.

“It is a great pleasure to see firsthand how Lab2Market Validate is empowering our academic community to take their ideas beyond the lab to build enterprises that are having a positive impact in the world,” said Dr. Aiken. “Lab2Market Validate is an important part of our Dal Innovates ecosystem of programs that provide support at every step of the venture creation journey. From the initial spark of an idea, to establishing a market need, to sourcing investment, we’re there to help.”

Peters, whose venture aims to help veterans create a sense of community through the arts, decided to get involved with Lab2Market Validate because of the potential to transform her research into a tangible commercial solution.

“I’m most excited about the opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and the market, seeing my work have a real-world impact, and building a network of mentors and industry experts who can guide me along this transformative journey,” said Peters.

Meet the Teams:

Sensing a cleaner and healthier future: SensoFluidix offers precise, cost-effective, and resilient solutions for environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics.  York UniversityDr. Alireza Zabihihesari  
Dr. Pouya Rezai  
Improving silicon-based technology within electronic devices by utilizing new-age materials to improve scalability and reduce noise.Memorial University of Newfoundland  Brad McNiven  
Dr. James LeBlanc  
AutoNiTech aims to alleviate the frustration and waste in the crop packaging process while offering a seamless and user-friendly implementation.  Memorial University of Newfoundland  Hamidreza Shiri  
Dr. Stephen Butt  
Utilizing artificial intelligence to develop a smart wearable device that makes elite sport training accessible to the average user.  Dalhousie University  John Wang  
Dr. Jason Gu  
PlastiCore Technology: Exploring the future of advance lightweight composites to create safer, greener products for the aerospace industry.Dalhousie University  Ke Wang  
Dr. Farid Taheri  
Developing a compressed air energy transmission system as an alternative to the current electrical energy transmission system. Compressed air has the potential to be an efficient and cost-effective solution for storing energy from renewable sources like wind and solar.Western University  Leila Bakhtiari  
Dr. Dimitre Karamanev  
BravoZulu Create is a novel platform that seeks to provide access, community, and a sense of connection between Veterans and others through art and craft.  Dalhousie University  Lynette Peters  
Dr. Alice Aiken  
Developing a digital health mobile application that uses arts-based interventions to improve emotional mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Dalhousie University  Marcel Nazabal Amores  
Dr. Jim Barker  
Developing an automated and streamlined software quality management platform that improves productivity and reduces software-related risks in the workplace.  Dalhousie University  Mayank Madan  
Tushar Sharma  
Exploring major cloud migration challenges in industries to deliver secure, cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly cloud solutions.Dalhousie University  Mohammad Ramezani  
Dr. Lu Yang  
Revolutionizing the process of collecting ocean sound speed profiles. Implementing cutting edge-technology to gather the speed of sound in water, faster than ever. Memorial University of Newfoundland  Mohammad Reza Mousavi  
Len Zedel  
Producing compounds for the sensing of TNT in aqueous solutions. The compounds will selectively detect TNT and can be used as sensors for the importance of public health safety and environmental pollution.  Memorial University of Newfoundland  Monther S. Zreid  
Dr. Yuming Zhao  
Re-Life: The digital platform for parents to easily share gently used kids’ items. Connect, give, and save together!  Saint Mary’s University  Muge Avci Kiziltepe   Dr. Claudia De Fuentes  
Addressing surface adhesion challenges with advanced coatings to minimize reliance on temporary solutions in the tire curing process, meaning less downtime and prolonged equipment lifespan.Dalhousie University  Pooya Nikbakhsh  
Dr. George Jarjoura  
“Ingredients for Health” transforms fruit leftovers into powerful antioxidants, promoting well-being, stability, and sustainability in your favorite products.  Memorial University of Newfoundland  Renan Danielski  
Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi  
Developing a growing method that increases the yield while heightening the quality of greenhouse-grown microgreens that offer a variety of health benefits including antidiabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial and more. This makes the plants more economical to grow, and of better quality. Dalhousie University  Roksana Saleh  
Dr. Lord Abbey  
Inventing a new tool for the oil, mining, and geothermal market: a vibration-reducing attachment, to improve efficiency and safety.   Memorial University of Newfoundland  Sampath Liyanarachchi  
Dr. Geoff Rideout  
TumorTraverse is a platform aimed at transforming how doctors identify and treat tumors. The platform will remove geographic and cost barriers while improving patient outcomes and simplifying the treatment process. Dalhousie University  Shadi Dorosti 
Jeremy Brown  

Fast Facts:

  • Lab2Market Validate is a 16-week program that supports research teams to validate their ideas through customer discovery by identifying a problem with commercial value that they can solve.
  • Participants will be provided with hands-on support, access to mentorship, a tailored curriculum, and the opportunity to receive $15,000.00 in funding.
  • Each research team includes three participants: a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, the applicant’s supervisor or primary investigator, and an industry mentor from a related business sector.

Dalhousie’s Lab2Market cohorts are made possible with support from the Government of Canada through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Mitacs, and Springboard Atlantic.

Lab2Market Validate is one of a suite of offerings from Dal Innovates that teaches innovation and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in students. Teams can go on to participate in the Lab2Market Launch accelerator, which is an intensive three-month program that helps teams advance and spin-out new start-ups. 

Interested future applicants and mentors can find more information at lab2market.ca.

About Lab2Market:

Lab2Market is a national suite of programs that gives academic research teams the practical skills to spark their passion for entrepreneurship, validate their ideas, and successfully launch innovative new businesses. Funded by the Government of Canada, Mitacs, NSERC, and the Ocean Startup Project, the program is based on the immersive, entrepreneurial I-Corps training program in the United States, and the leading ICURe accelerator program in the United Kingdom.

Learn more at www.lab2market.ca.

About Dal Innovates:

Dalhousie University’s Dal Innovates ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation programs supports students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty across Atlantic Canada’s post-secondary institutions, to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets to thrive in the innovation economy. Comprised of 11 units across Dalhousie’s three campuses, the Dal Innovates ecosystem provides the tools necessary to translate new ideas into innovations, commercialize research, build physical products, connect with mentorship, and launch ventures.

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