Save the Date for Dal Innovation Week - Sept. 16-21, 2024! [Learn More](
Save the Date for Dal Innovation Week - Sept. 16-21, 2024! [Learn More](

You are more likely to succeed when you launch your idea within the Dal Innovates community.

A hub for world-leading research, innovation and entrepreneurship

We empower our students and faculty to be the best innovators, creators and entrepreneurs and to make an impact on local and global challenges.

We help you solve problems, thrive in adversity, work well in ambiguity and stay agile in every situation.

Explore being a young 
innovator: pitch in the sandbox 
and learn design thinking. 
Sprint. Test. Launch.

Grow with business and 
leadership skills that will take 
your idea to prototype. Design. 
Build. Scale.

Venture into mentoring and  
coaching and become revenue 
ready and open for funding. 
Incubate. Go to market.

Innovation happens in so many places. Dal Innovates will help you find yours.

“Lab2Market changed our short-term priorities completely. What started as a hardware project ended up being a software project as it became clear where the demand was." – Kyle Briggs
“I would recommend Collide to anyone who is interested in understanding how to think as an entrepreneur. It's the perfect program to get one foot in the door of entrepreneurship." – Purvangi Patel
"I love working with people where I get to learn just as much as I am teaching. Path2Innovation allows me to do that. The inventions and ideas many of the participants are working on is simply awesome and very exciting to learn from." – Permjot Valia
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