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[Scientist2Entrepreneur Applications Now Open!](https://dalinnovates.ca/programs/explore/scientist2entrepreneur/)
[Dal Innovates 2022 Year-in-Review Infographic](https://dalinnovates.ca/news/dal-innovates-2022-year-in-review/)
[Dal Innovates 2022 Year-in-Review Infographic](https://dalinnovates.ca/news/dal-innovates-2022-year-in-review/)
[Check out the full Dal Innovates 2022 Annual Report](https://dalinnovates.ca/news/dal-innovates-2022-annual-report/)
[Check out the full Dal Innovates 2022 Annual Report](https://dalinnovates.ca/news/dal-innovates-2022-annual-report/)
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Build. Better Products. Faster.

The BUILD program helps deep technology companies design, build, and scale innovative products faster.

About this program

BUILD includes workshops and one-on-one sessions to advance hardware companies in Atlantic Canada. Sessions are focused on designing/building hardware in addition to business fundamental sessions for running a start up.

In addition to workshops, and one-on-one support, participating start ups will have the opportunity to apply for up to $10 000 in funding to purchase materials and services needed to build their prototype. 

BUILD Companies achieve the following

Teams that complete BUILD learn to ideate, prototype, test, and validate faster, all with the goal of being prepared to scale a working MVP at the end of the program. Each module is comprised of multiple sessions that incorporate best practices at each stage. Through a series of specially designed workshops, seminars, and one-on-one support, the program is delivered as a combination of online and in-person programming, making full use of maker spaces for group sessions and individual company sprints.

Design: Learn smart and agile design skills so that you don’t waste time and resources.

Build: Develop an MVP to trial with early adopters or use in the field. Get your idea into the hands of customers faster.

Scale: Design for manufacture and prepare for production at scale.

The program addresses the specific hardware-needs of physical product-based companies who have limited access to engineering and prototyping resources.

Business Skillset and Mindset: Throughout your product development path, you will gain practical tools to improve your business skillset and mindset. Participate in sessions that will inform product iterations and help you collaborate better.

This fall, we are going hybrid. We want to get you back into the ideaHUB maker spaces with in-person sessions for key milestones of Design/Build/Scale, and opportunities to plan sprints and testing, while following public health guidelines. At the same time, you can access online (live and on-demand) sessions for business topics that can be taken anywhere, at any time.

Who Can Apply?

The ideal candidate for BUILD is an early-stage product venture company.

  • As the founder or co-founder, you have foundational knowledge about the product design process and the path of entrepreneurship, but you know that a structured process with access to experts will enable you to create a viable, feasible and desirable prototype.
  • Your product has engineering at its core (software can be part of the offering but not what you are aiming to sell)
  • You may have completed another program at Dalhousie such as Lab2Market or Ready2Launch, and you’re ready to build your prototype
  • You may have been working on a prototype, but do not have the materials or access to facilities or technology to complete it
  • You may already be a HUB resident as part of our BRIDGE program, and you know your team needs to increase capabilities as a startup so that you can prepare for potential investors and customers

Learn more about the BUILD program

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Funding Partnership

Emera ideaHUB and Innovacorp work together to fund and accelerate BUILD client companies. As the funding partner, Innovacorp provides $100,000 to BUILD companies in amounts up to $10,000, allocated to the material expenses you need to build your prototype.

Applicants to BUILD provide a clear and detailed use of funds, as part of their proposed roadmap while part of the BUILD cohort.

As an early-stage venture capital firm, Innovacorp is a unique partner for the ideaHUB, providing client companies with opportunities for strategic insights, examples of prior funded companies (the good, the bad and the ugly!), and can be involved in various stages of the product development process as advisors, accountability partners and experience testing, depending on the nature of the offering.