Build: Emera ideaHUB


The Emera ideaHUB is the place which helps engineering students, faculty and startups in tough tech emerging from engineering and science research develop entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and design and build prototypes.   The focus is on “tough tech” emerging from engineering and applied science research includes areas such as hardware, ocean technology, clean energy and technology, advanced materials, food science, water resources, biomedical engineering, bioproducts, deep software, artificial intelligence, the internet-of-things, cybersecurity, as well as various other physical and cyber-physical products.

Tough tech companies are historically underserved and underfunded, and also have unique challenges in developing their prototypes and minimum viable products (MVP) which benefit from a design and agile engineering approach to product development;

The Build program at the Emera ideaHUB will support the design and development of new technologies and products, including product design, prototyping, testing, measurement, agile engineering, commercialization and technology development support to build the company’s minimum viable product (MVP), along with customer discovery, business model and financial planning.  Build provides the knowledge, time, support, mentorship, facilities, services, partner networks and access to specialized equipment and labs needed to develop their idea into MVP and build their business model and execution plan.