Applications for the Scientist2Entrepreneur program are open until February 14th 2022. Apply here. 

Scientist2Entrepreneur is a 12-week program for researchers who are completing or have completed a master’s, Ph.D., or Postdoc in STEM fields and want to explore the path required to go from research to market. By the end of the program, you will understand the entrepreneurial journey and mindset, and how to transform your idea into a marketable solution. This program is perfect for scientists at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.

The Atlantic cohort is open to students at any of Atlantic Canada’s universities. The program takes place virtually, with one synchronous session per week, as well as curated readings. In total, the time commitment is three hours/week.

Program Phases

PHASE ONE – 3 Weeks
Discover the leading methodologies to disrupt markets

PHASE TWO – 8 Weeks
Explore potential markets for your technology.

Navigate the local ecosystem to start building your startup

Program Eligibility

1 – You are currently pursuing or have recently pursued research in one of Atlantic Canada’s Universities and affiliated institutions in a STEM or STEM-related field.
2 – You are or you have been a graduate student, postdoc, research assistant, or research associate at one of Atlantic Canada’s Universities and affiliated institutions.

Topics Covered

Session title
Welcome and Intro to peer groups and program
Exploring Research-market fit
Prioritizing customer segments and the people in it
Defining your value proposition
Interviewing effectively
Defining your positioning and analyzing market risk and opportunity
Developing a business model
Telling a strong startup story
Building basic financial models
Managing basic legal considerations
Manage intellectual property (IP) considerations
Final Project Presentations
What’s next?

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Apply through the application form here by February 14th 2022.