Path2Innovation (P2I) is a three-day program that explores the value of entrepreneurial thinking as a means of developing careers and research of leading graduate students, post-docs and faculty, and also advancing their research, innovations and ideas into impacts, whether that be scientific, economic, social, cultural or environmental.

P2I is run as a virtual workshop and will be open to graduate students, faculty, and post-doctoral fellows throughout Atlantic Canada. 

The workshop has been designed to be a precursor to the Lab2Market program, arming participants with the knowledge needed to start down the path to commercializing their research.

This program is fully funded by the Government of Canada through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and provided to students free of charge.

Who Can Apply? Graduate Students, Faculty, and Postdoctoral Fellows from any university in Atlantic Canada are eligible to apply for the program, which is offered free of charge.

Applications are now closed. The next cohort is scheduled for January 2022.

Path2Innovation is made possible by the support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA)