By providing all students and faculty with the opportunity to explore, experience and engage in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, we help build the skill sets that allow them to take risks and apply new ideas – knowing that both success and failure yield important lessons.

The Founder and CEO

In May 2008, Jordan Kyriakidis was given the opportunity to think big — really big.The physicist was about six years into his time as a professor at Dal and the university had just signed a $2-million agreement with Lockheed Martin. The money gave him and his research associates at the time just the ticket they needed to explore some of the major theoretical questions underpinning the field of quantum physics.

In 2013, he established QRA Corp. The goal of QRA is to translate the research being done in his lab into advanced software tools capable of detecting flaws in the early design phase of some of the most complex engineering systems in the world such as jet planes, self-driving cars and power plants.

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The founder and CSO

Daniel Boyd founded many companies, including ABK Biomedical where he is Chief Science Officer (CSO).ABK Biomedical has received support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) to commercialize its Easi-Vue embolization microspheres in-house. The successful commercialization of this innovation will lead to new business opportunities and more well-paying jobs as the microspheres are set to compete in global markets.

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Research that makes connections

Jeff Dahn supports his graduate and post-doctoral students in their startup activities, such as Chris Burns who founded Novnoix.Novonix’s ultra-high precision charger system enables accurate and precise measurements of a Lithium-ion battery’s efficiency, which can be used to estimate their lifetime on the scale of decades. The company has sold equipment to key battery companies all over the world with customers in more than ten countries.

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