Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Introduced in the Fall of 2019, the Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation has been designed to provide undergraduate students with knowledge, skills, and mindsets related to the foundational concepts (entrepreneurship and innovation) and the capacity to translate these outcomes to any future workplace.

The experiential learning category of electives and the experiential capstone class ensures that every student who completes the minor will have two experiential learning courses from which they can pursue the valuable outcomes.

Minors allow you to customize your degree by combining disciplines and connecting your studies more broadly. https://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/minors.html

Who can take the Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation?

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program from the Faculties of Agriculture, Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science and Science are eligible to declare the Minor.

Students from other programs may be interested in exploring the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

What courses do I need to take?

The Minor requires the completion of three required courses and 3 elective courses (18 credit hours in total).

Required courses:

NOTE: if you are interested in academic programming related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation but plan to graduate prior to the first offering of the new Capstone Course (Winter 2021), we encourage you to consider the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

ELECTIVES – The list of elective courses is divided into three clusters:

Leadership                 In Context                  Experiential

Students will select one elective course from each cluster.

Students are responsible for satisfying all pre-requisite requirements for electives. Students are not limited to elective courses offered by their home faculty. If you have the necessary pre-requisites or if the course has no pre-requisites then you can register and have it counted towards the Minor. Remember: courses that count towards your Minor cannot also count towards your Major.

How do I declare the Minor?

Beginning January 2020, students may declare the minor through Dal Online.

To learn more contact:  eiminor@dal.ca