Academic Programs

Dalhousie aims to break down traditional barriers and encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship through multi-disciplinary courses and programs to students of all academic disciplines.   These courses and program offerings equip students with a wide range of valuable skills, including ideation, team-building, empathy, business-plan development, marketing, networking, attracting financing (such as seed capital), and connecting with local social and business leaders.  Dalhousie is working on new courses, minors, certificates and degrees related to innovation and entrepreneurship.


There are a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship courses available to students, including:


The Neurotechnology Innovation Certificate is an undergraduate certificate designed to provide foundational knowledge in this multi-disciplinary area. The certificate will also provide an understanding of how neurotechnologies can be translated into applications that are available to patients and consumers – through training in innovation, design, and commercialization.   Neurotechnology is an area of research and application involving technologies that measure and/or modulate brain function. Technologies include hardware, software, and drugs, and have applications in clinical diagnosis and treatment, health promotion and maintenance (including cognitive health), entertainment, and forensics. The undergraduate certificate in Neurotechnology Innovation The Neurotechnology Innovation certificate provides students with knowledge in:

  • Basic neuroscience
  • Neurotechnology
  • Clinical and cognitive neuroscience
  • Computer science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and product design
  • Intellectual property


Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Entrepreneurship

Students can enroll in the Bachelor of Commerce program and major in Entrepreneurship. Majoring in Entrepreneurship prepares students to start their own business, acquire a business, act entrepreneurially in a large organization or provide services to the entrepreneurial community.

Bachelor of Management, Major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Students who choose to major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation will focus on the principles and skills needed to create or support new ventures, either independently or in organizations. Students wishing to pursue their own business venture can complete an Entrepreneurial Work Term (EWT) as part of their co-op degree requirements.

Co-op and Experiential Learning

All students at Dalhousie University have access to experiential learning opportunities in their programs. These opportunities allow students to connect their classroom learning with real-world experiences -ones that often bring them in contact with local organizations and businesses and enable them to make an impact.

Students wishing to pursue their own business venture can complete an Entrepreneurial Work Term (EWT) as part of their co-op degree requirements in the Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Commerce and Corporate Residency MBA programs.  Both Management Career Services and the Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship will supervise and support students throughout their EWT. Every student completing a EWT will be paired with an appropriate business coach to mentor and provide resources throughout the work term.