Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Committee

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Committee helps coordinate the innovation and entrepreneurship activities and programs to create the best experiences for students, faculty and ventures.  It supports the work of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee to continually develop and grow the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at Dalhousie.  The members will also work collaboratively on potential new programs and explore opportunities for synergies to make a positive impact and create value through innovation – whether social, economic, environmental, health, creative, or other – and is a diverse and inclusive approach to innovation and entrepreneurship.

It will aim to provide opportunities for students and faculty to pursue transformative, high-impact innovation to meet the challenges of our times.  The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Committee includes the leads (e.g. Directors and Managers) for Dalhousie’s innovation and entrepreneurship programming (e.g. Sandboxes, LaunchDal, Emera ideaHUB and CDL-Atlantic), and is chaired by the Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship who reports to the Vice-President Research and Innovation.

Members include:

Jeff Larsen, Chair

Dr. Aaron Newman, Surge

Grant Wells, ShiftKey Labs

Dr. Holly Pharoah, idea Sandbox

Jason Grant, Cultiv8

Dr. Jenny Baechler, World’s Challenge Challenge

Dr. Mary Kilfoil, Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship and LaunchDal

Dr. Clifton Johnston, Emera ideaHUB

Ben Goldberg, CDL-Atlantic

Leslie McNabb, CDL-Atlantic