Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steering committee champions progress on Dalhousie’s strategic priority 3.1: Contribute to cultural and economic vitality, locally and globally, by fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dalhousie University has multiple initiatives across its campuses that are furthering strategic priority 3.1 and innovation and entrepreneurship at the university. As the number and influence of those initiatives have grown, it became clear there that there is a need for strategic guidance to ensure coordination and best use of resources. The Vice President Research and Innovation convened this committee to fill the role of strategic advisor.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee – Terms of Reference


  • Alice Aiken (Chair), Vice President Research and Innovation
  • Chris Moore, Dean, Faculty of Science and Associate Vice President Academic
  • David Gray, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Stephen Hartlen, Assistant Vice President of Industry Relations, Office of Commercialization and Industry Engagement
  • Matt Hebb,  Assistant Vice President, Government Relations
  • Vivian Howard, Associate Vice President Academic
  • Brenda Merritt, Dean, Faculty of Health
  • Jeff Larsen, Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Ian Nason, Vice President Finance and Administration
  • John Newhook, Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Dean, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Ian Hill, Acting Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Jennifer Morawiecki, Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice President Research and Innovation