Diversity and Inclusion

Openness, diversity and inclusiveness are hallmarks of our innovation and entrepreneurship strategy.

Diversity brings new perspectives, knowledge and experience to a team to help them see challenges in ways they have not seen before, and to imagine the potential solutions. Innovation depends on a diversity of points of view, especially in the development of solutions to complex issues. Broader participation by underrepresented groups in our educational and research endeavours will also only enhance our capacity for creativity and innovation and ensure the best outcomes. We collaborate with diverse groups on campus and beyond to explore issues, options, and creative approaches that may lead to innovations.

Imhotep’s Legacy Academy

Imhotep’s Legacy Academy (ILA) is an effective and successful provincial outreach organization, established in 2003.  Based at Dalhousie University, it is built on a strong university community partnership, and aims to address the under-representation of African Canadians in post-secondary Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) studies.  ILA uniquely mobilizes university students, faculty and community leaders to help improve student success and bridge the achievement gap for Grades 6-12 African Nova Scotian learners, providing its participants with an enriching blend of real-world learning projects, skill-building and leadership development activities, as well as tutoring support.  The result has been increased enrollment of African Nova Scotian learners in STEM programs at Dalhousie University and other post-secondary institutions, and its scholarship program reduces the financial barrier for students.

Women in Technology

The Dalhousie Women in Technology Society (WiTS) is a group of like-minded individuals committed to increasing the opportunities of female-identifying individuals in the technology industry. Our main focus is to support female-identifying students pursuing technology-oriented degrees. We are based out of the Faculty of Computer Science and seek to expand our scope to include other degrees and more allies. Our other endeavors include reaching out to the younger community to increase interest in technology as a career and educating current students about the ever-expanding possibilities in the technology industry with networking events and panel discussions.

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We are all CS

When it comes to studying and working in computer science, women are still in the minority.  We need gender diversity in computer science and we are tackling this head on.  A commitment to a more inclusive discipline has inspired Dalhousie’s Faculty of Computer Science (CS) to act as a catalyst for change in our own corner of the world. The We Are All CS campaign unites leaders from education, industry, government and the student body with the goal of ensuring that all of our students feel empowered to have an impact.

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CDL-Atlantic High School Diversity Program

CDL-Atlantic invites high school students who are young women, aboriginal or African-Canadian and interested in STEM fields to attend CDL session days as observers. Each of these students attends one-on-one meetings between Ventures, Fellows, and Associates, and have the opportunity to ask questions. They also spoke to all in attendance during the afternoon plenary session to highlight their career interests and learning outcomes from the day.